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OpenAccess [PUBDB-2018-02094] Form / Template

DESY Beamer-Style - 2018 edition
The included ZIP holds an adoption of DESY 2018 corporate design for presentations build in LaTeX using Beamer. It is assumed, that documents are processed using `lualatex`, which is available in current editions of TeXLive. [...]
OpenAccess: Download fulltextZIP; External link: Download fulltextFulltext

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OpenAccess [DESY-2014-03277] Form / Template

DESY Beamer-Style
LaTeX template for presentations using the beamer class to comply with DESY design guidelines. v2 contains a minimal example and minor technical improvements like embedding of the colour profile by default, suitable blocks to add metadata to the PDF to enhance visiblity and add licencing information..
OpenAccess: Download fulltextZIP;

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