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[PUBDB-2022-04261] Software

A docker container to get data from the WebOfScience Web page. You need a valid subscription to get data
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[PUBDB-2020-04725] Software

Eventdisplay/Eventdisplay: Eventdisplay Gamma-ray Analysis v5.1.0 (prod5)
Eventdisplay Gamma-ray Analysis for Prod5 This release includes several bug fixes and improvements which are applied primarily to the CTA Prod5 analysis. New Features and improvements Change in weighting of image parameter calculation improves determination of image length axes orientation; leads to improved off-axis angular reconstruction (command line option -imagesquared) Add possibility to write out image and border pixels, and number of pe (if enabled in the MC) per pixel into the tpars trees (command line option -writeimagepixellist) consistent usage of sofa routines for coordinate transformations (issue #35) code adaption for prod5 analysis (issue #34); mostly technical large reduction of memory needs of gamma/hadron training steps (trainTMVAforGammaHadronSeparation; issue #17); explicitly write events trees after quality cuts before training improved handling of hessioxx pre-compile flag in Makefile (introduce flags like make CTA CTAPROD=PROD5 GRIDPROD=CTAGRID) Bug Fix (severe) fix of trace integration setting for bright pulses in low gain for LSTs (issue #57) (modest) fix of trace integration (timing) setting for FlashCam type camera (issue #59) memory leak fixes for writing of sensitivity files

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