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Software Tests and Simulations for Control Applications Based on Virtual Time

(Corresponding author)DESY* ; DESY* ; DESY* ; DESY* ; DESY* ; DESY*


11th International Workshop on Personal Computers and Particle Accelerator Controls, PCaPAC 2016, Meeting locationCampinas, Brazil, 25 Oct 2016 - 28 Oct 20162016-10-252016-10-28
1-3 (2016) [10.3204/PUBDB-2016-05319]  GO

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Abstract: Ensuring software quality is important, especially for control system applications. Writing tests for such applications requires replacing the real hardware with a virtual implementation in software. Also the rest of the control system which interacts with the application must be replaced with a mock. In addition, time must be controlled precisely. We present the VirtualLab framework as part of the Chimera Tool Kit (formerly named MTCA4U). It has been designed to help implementing such tests by introducing the concept of virtual time, and combining it with an implementation basis for virtual devices and plant models. The virtual devices are transparently plugged into the application in place of real devices. Also tools are provided to simplify the simulated interaction with other parts of the control system. The framework is designed modularly so that virtual devices and model components can be reused to test different parts of the control system software. It interacts seamlessly with the other libraries of the Chimera Tool Kit such as DeviceAccess and the control system adapter.

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  1. Strahlkontrollen (MSK)
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  1. 631 - Accelerator R & D (POF3-631) (POF3-631)
  2. 6G13 - XFEL (POF3-622) (POF3-622)
  1. Facility (machine) XFEL

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