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Low Level RF Control Implementation and Simultaneous Operation of Two FEL Undulator Beamlines at FLASH

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Low Level Radio Frequency Workshop 2015, LLRF15, Meeting locationShanghai, China, 3 Nov 2015 - 6 Nov 20152015-11-032015-11-06
1-13 (2015)

Abstract: The Free-Electron Laser in Hamburg (FLASH) is a user facility delivering femtosecond short radiation pulses in the wavelength rangebetween 4.2 and 45 nm using the SASE principle. The tests performed in the last few years have shown that two FLASH undulator beamlinescan deliver FEL radiation simultaneously to users with a large variety of parameters such as radiation wavelength, pulse duration,intra-bunch spacing etc. FLASH has two injector lasers on the cathode of the gun to deliver different bunch trains with different charges,needed for different bunch lengths. Because the compression settings depend on the charge of bunches the low level RF system needsto be able to supply different compression for both beamlines. The functionality of the controller has been extended to provide intra-pulse amplitude and phase changes while maintaining the RF field amplitude and the phase stability requirements. The RF parameteradjustment and tuning for RF gun and accelerating modules can be done independently for both laser systems. Having different amplitudesand phases within the RF pulse in several RF stations simultaneous lasing of both systems has been demonstrated.

Contributing Institute(s):
  1. Strahlkontrollen (MSK)
  2. Beschleunigerphysik (MPY)
  3. Experimentebetreuung FLASH (FS-FL)
  4. Beschleunigerkontrollen (FLASH/XFEL) (MCS 4)
  5. Maschinen Koordination FLASH (MFL)
  6. HF-Technik Linearbeschleuniger (MHF-p)
Research Program(s):
  1. 6G2 - FLASH (POF3-622) (POF3-622)
  1. Facility (machine) FLASH II
  2. Facility (machine) FLASH

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