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High-intracavity-power thin-disk laser for the alignment of molecules

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Soc. Washington, DC

Optics express 23(22), 28491-28500 (2015) [10.1364/OE.23.028491]

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Abstract: We propose a novel approach for strong alignment of gas-phase molecules for experiments at arbitrary repetition rates. A high-intracavity-power continuous-wave laser will provide the necessary ac electric field of 10$^{10}$–10$^{11}$W/cm$^{2}$. We demonstrate thin-disk lasers based on Yb:YAG and Yb:Lu$_{2}$O$_{3}$ in a linear high-finesse resonator providing intracavity power levels in excess of 100 kW at pump power levels on the order of ~ 50 W. The multi-longitudinal-mode operation of this laser avoids spatial-hole burning even in a linear standing-wave resonator. The system will be scaled up as in-vacuum system to allow for the generation of fields of 10$^{10}$W/cm$^{2}$. This system will be directly applicable for experiments at modern X-ray light sources, such as synchrotrons or free-electron lasers, which operate at various very high repetition rates. This would allow to record molecular movies through temporally resolved diffractive imaging of fixed-in-space molecules, as well as the spectroscopic investigation of combined X-ray–NIR strong-field effects of atomic and molecular systems.


Contributing Institute(s):
  1. CFEL-Coherent X-Ray Imaging (FS-CFEL-1)
  2. Uni Hamburg / Experimentalphysik (UNI/EXP)
  3. CFEL-Controlled Molecule Imaging (FS-CFELCMI)
Research Program(s):
  1. 6211 - Extreme States of Matter: From Cold Ions to Hot Plasmas (POF3-621) (POF3-621)
  2. CUI - Hamburger Zentrum für ultraschnelle Beobachtung (194651731) (194651731)
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