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Photon Collimator System for the ILC Positron Source

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Report No.: DESY-14-232; arXiv: 1412.2498;

Abstract: High energy e+e- linear colliders are the next large scale project in particle physics. They need intense sources to achieve the required luminosity. In particular, the positron source must provide about 10E+14 positrons per second. The positron source for the International Linear Collider (ILC) is based on a helical undulator passed by the electron beam to create an intense circularly polarized photon beam. With these photons a longitudinally polarized positron beam is generated; the degree of polarization can be enhanced by collimating the photon beam. However, the high photon beam intensity causes huge thermal load in the collimator material. In this paper the thermal load in the photon collimator is discussed and a flexible design solution is presented.

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  1. Experimente an Lepton Collidern (FLC)
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  1. 611 - Fundamental Particles and Forces (POF3-611) (POF3-611)
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