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Status of the OLYMPUS Analysis

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2013 Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics, DPN 2013, Meeting locationNewport News, Virginia, US, 23 Oct 2013 - 26 Oct 20132013-10-232013-10-26
APS Physics, (2013)  GO

Report No.: CH.00002;

Abstract: The OLYMPUS experiment, which completed data-taking at the DORIS $\it e^{+}/e^{-}$ storage ring at DESY in Hamburg, Germany in January 2013, seeks to determine definitively the two-photon contribution to lepton-proton scattering. This effect is accessible via a precision measurement of the ratio of the $\it e^{+}p$ and$\it e^{-}p$ cross-sections. To achieve the desired uncertainty in the ratio measurement (1%), the analysis must carefully consider any possible sources of false asymmetry between beam species such as geometric effects, shifts in beam conditions, detector inefficiencies, etc. An update on the progress of the analysis, including a discussion of progress on particle tracking and determination of systematic uncertainties, will be provided.

Note: APS PhysicsAbstract ID: BAPS.2013.DNP.CH.2

Contributing Institute(s):
  1. OLYMPUS Kollaboration (OLYMP)
Research Program(s):
  1. Experiments at DORIS (OLYMPUS) (POF2-515) (POF2-515)

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