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[PUBDB-2018-04747] Book/Report/Internal Report
et al
Fiber optic radiation sensing systems for TESLA
[TESLA Report 2000-26]
TESLA Reports 20 pp. ()
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[PUBDB-2018-04746] Book/Report/Internal Report
et al
Preliminary trials with optical fiber dosimeters at TTF
[TESLA Report 2000-25]
Seminar, Meeting location,
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TESLA Reports 8 pp. ()
Ionizing radiation leads to a degradation of the light transmitting properties of fiber optic cables. These effects usually place restrictions on where they can be used in a particle accelerator facility. [...]
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[PUBDB-2018-03306] Report
et al
Waveguide Monitors - a New Type of Beam PositionMonitors for the TTF FEL
[TESLA-FEL 2003-04]
22 pp. ()
The operation of a Free Electron Laser (FEL) at the TESLA Test Facilty (TTF) requires theelectron trajectory to be aligned with precision of few micrometer in overlap with the photonbeam. To achieve this goal precise position monitoring of the electron beam in the narrowundulator gap is mandatory. [...]
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OpenAccess [PUBDB-2017-00318] Journal Article
et al
New Fast Beam Conditions Monitoring (BCM1F) system for CMS
The CMS Beam Radiation Instrumentation and Luminosity (BRIL) project is composed of several systems providing the experiment protection from adverse beam conditions while also measuring the online luminosity and beam background. Although the readout bandwidth of the Fast Beam Conditions Monitoring system (BCM1F—one of the faster monitoring systems of the CMS BRIL), was sufficient for the initial LHC conditions, the foreseen enhancement of the beams parameters after the LHC Long Shutdown-1 (LS1) imposed the upgrade of the system. [...]
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OpenAccess [DESY-2014-03398] Contribution to a conference proceedings/Internal Report
et al
High Speed Digitial LLRF Feedbacks for Normal Conducting Cavity Operation
5th International Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC'14, DresdenDresden, Germany, 15 Jun 2014 - 20 Jun 20142014-06-152014-06-20  GO
In the first half of the year 2014, the MTCA.4 based LLRF control system will be installed at several facilities (FLASH RF Gun, REGAE, PITZ, FLUTE/KIT). First tests during the last year show promising results in optimizing the system for high speed digital llrf feedbacks (reducing system latency, increase internal controller processing speed). [...]
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[DESY-2014-00871] Conference Presentation

Transient current technique for detector characterization
23th FCAL Workshop, ZeuthenZeuthen, Germany, 7 Oct 2013 - 8 Oct 20132013-10-072013-10-08

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