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OpenAccess [PUBDB-2015-03418] Journal Article
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Single Shot Polarization Characterization of XUV FEL Pulses from Crossed Polarized Undulators
Polarization control is a key feature of light generated by short-wavelength free-electron lasers.In this work, we report the first experimental characterization of the polarization properties of anextreme ultraviolet high gain free-electron laser operated with crossed polarized undulators. Weinvestigate the average degree of polarization and the shot-to-shot stability and we analyze aspectssuch as existing possibilities for controlling and switching the polarization state of the emitted light.The results are in agreement with predictions based on Gaussian beams propagation..
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OpenAccess [PUBDB-2015-03292] Journal Article
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Static Magnetic Proximity Effect in $\mathrm{Pt/NiFe_2O_4}$ and Pt/Fe Bilayers Investigated by X-Ray Resonant Magnetic Reflectivity
The spin polarization of Pt in Pt/NiFe2O4 and Pt/Fe bilayers is studied by interface-sensitive x-ray resonant magnetic reflectivity to investigate static magnetic proximity effects. The asymmetry ratio of the reflectivity is measured at the Pt L3 absorption edge using circular polarized x-rays for opposite directions of the magnetization at room temperature. [...]
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