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Fast Measurement of Lifetime Changes and Beam Losses in DORIS by the use of Bremsstrahlung from a Collimator
3rd European Workshop on Beam Diagnostics and Instrumentation for Particle Accelerators, DIPAC97, FrascatiFrascati, Italy, 12 Oct 1997 - 14 Oct 19971997-10-121997-10-14 Frascati : Frascati : LNF-INFN, Frascati : LNF-INFN, SIS-Pubbl., 1997 LNF-97/048, 189-192 () [10.3204/PUBDB-2017-12371]  GO
The synchrotron radiation source DORIS has a typical lifetime of more than 20 hours at a beam current of up to 100 mA. Very stable beam conditions are desired from the radiation users.The beam loss rate gives a fast response of even small changes of the beam parameters. [...]
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[DESY-2013-00149] Journal Article
et al
Phase Separation in Ternary Co–Gd–Ti Liquids
The phase equilibria and the solidification behavior of ternary Co–Gd–Ti (Co ≤35 at.%) alloys have been investigated. The phase transformation and equilibria in the liquid phase were studied in situ for two alloys, Co30Gd35Ti35 and Co30Gd50Ti20, by combining electrostatic levitation of the samples with high-energy synchrotron x-ray diffraction (XRD) at elevated temperature. [...]
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