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[PUBDB-2017-10414] Contribution to a conference proceedings
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Electron Injector for Multi-Stage Laser-Driven Plasma Accelerators
8th International Particle Accelerator Conference, CopenhagenCopenhagen, Denmark, 14 May 2017 - 19 May 20172017-05-142017-05-19 JACoW, Geneva, Switzerland 3244-3246 () [10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2017-WEPVA001]  GO
An electron injector in the 50-200 MeV range, based on laser wakefield acceleration, is studied in the context of multi-stage laser plasma acceleration. Test experiments carried out at the UHI100 laser facility show that electron bunches in the 100 MeV range, generated by ionization-induced injection mechanism, and accelerated by laser driven wakefield in a mm-scale length plasma can be transported using a magnetic line and precisely analysed. [...]
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[PUBDB-2016-06416] Conference Presentation

Considerations for a Beam-Driven EuPRAXIA Accelerator of High Average Power
EuPRAXIA WP 9 Meeting, FrascatiFrascati, Italy, 3 Oct 2016 - 4 Oct 20162016-10-032016-10-04
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OpenAccess [PUBDB-2016-05971] Report/Conference Presentation (Plenary/Keynote)
Commissioning of the European XFEL Injector
7th International Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC16, BusanBusan, Korea, 8 May 2016 - 13 May 20162016-05-082016-05-13  GO
The European XFEL Injector consists of an L-Band RF photoinjector, a TESLA type 1.3 GHz module, a 3rd har-monic RF section, a laser heater and an extensive diag-nostic section to determine projected and slice properties of the beam. The commissioning of the complete system has been started in December 2015 after several years of construction. [...]
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OpenAccess [PUBDB-2016-04881] Journal Article
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Open data set of live cyanobacterial cells imaged using an X-ray laser
Structural studies on living cells by conventional methods are limited to low resolution because radiation damage kills cells long before the necessary dose for high resolution can be delivered. X-ray free-electron lasers circumvent this problem by outrunning key damage processes with an ultra-short and extremely bright coherent X-ray pulse. [...]
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Embargoed OpenAccess [PUBDB-2016-04600] Journal Article
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Comparisons of Time Explicit Hybrid Kinetic-Fluid Code Architect for Plasma Wakefield Acceleration with a full PIC code
Architect, a time explicit hybrid code designed to perform quick simulations for electron driven plasma wakefield acceleration, is described. In order to obtain beam quality acceptable for applications, control of the beam-plasma-dynamics is necessary. [...]
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[PUBDB-2016-02650] Report/Internal Report
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Study for an asymmetric B factory
[DESY M-90-05-G]
386-388 ()
We report upon a feasibility study for an asymmetric $e^+e^-$ collider with beam energies of 10 GeV and 2.8 GeV. The PETRA storage ring is to be used to store the high energy beam. [...]
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