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Embargoed OpenAccess [PUBDB-2018-00754] Journal Article
et al
Transferring the entatic-state principle to copper photochemistry
Nature chemistry 10, 355 – 362 () [10.1038/nchem.2916]  GO
The entatic state denotes a distorted coordination geometry of a complex from its typical arrangement that generates an improvement to its function. The entatic-state principle has been observed to apply to copper electron-transfer proteins and it results in a lowering of the reorganization energy of the electron-transfer process. [...]
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OpenAccess [PUBDB-2017-01533] Journal Article
et al
Unraveling Local Spin Polarization of Zhang-Rice Singlet in Lightly Hole-Doped Cuprates Using High-Energy Optical Conductivity
Unrevealing local magnetic and electronic correlations in the vicinity of charge carriers is crucial in order tounderstand rich physical properties in correlated electron systems. Here, using high-energy optical conductivity(up to 35 eV) as a function of temperature and polarization, we observe a surprisingly strong spin polarizationof the local spin singlet with enhanced ferromagnetic correlations between Cu spins near the doped holesin lightly hole-doped $La_{1.95}Sr_{0.05}Cu_{0.95}Zn_{0.05}O_4$. [...]
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OpenAccess [PUBDB-2016-06119] Journal Article
et al
Jet delivery system for Raman scattering on bio-inorganic compounds
Applied physics letters 109(21), 213502 () [10.1063/1.4967476]  GO
We present a micro-jet sample delivery system for Raman measurements. Compared to cuvette measurements, the observed Raman signal is enhanced by more than one order of magnitude and does not contain signal distortions from the liquid-glass interface. [...]
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